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Tekeyan Centre Fund carries out projects in cultural, educational and social fields. Both the projects and beneficiaries of the Fund are selected by the Board of Trustees of the Fund as well as by the Project Implementation Commission, appointed by the latter.

NGOs, cultural, educational, scientific and sports institutions, as well as in some cases physical entities are among the beneficiaries of Tekeyan Centre Fund. The beneficiaries can receive assistance either in a lump sum or within the framework of one programme or in a long-term perspective within the framework of one or several projects.

Potential beneficiaries submit information regarding their organizations together with project descriptions, according to which the Board carries out the selection.

Tekeyan Centre Fund urges all those persons and organizations that are committed to the development and prosperity of Armenia to support the development of Armenian culture, education and science. The Fund also looks forward to cooperation with benefactors and donors with respect to sponsorship of projects. 

The Tekeyan Cultural Association of Armenia as well as Vahan Tekeyan schools located in different regions of Armenia and in Karabagh, is among the main beneficiaries of the Tekeyan Centre. In the nearest future various new projects and beneficiaries, including branches of the TCA abroad will join the list.

In 2017 Tekeyan Centre Fund intends to realize a number of educational, cultural and sports programs (such as supply of textbooks, interscholastic competitions and sporting events, painting and modeling exhibitions, dance and song contests, poetry reading, summer camp, and many other events) involving Tekeyan Schools. The projects will be carried out by stages within the whole year. The TCF aims at both strengthening the ties between Tekeyan schools and uniting them and bringing the problems of Armenian schools to the public attention in Armenia and the Diaspora.

Projects implemented in ...

October 2017

  • The project "Free Textbooks - 2017" provided 190 needy schoolchildren from Yerevan, Gyumri, Stepanavan, Karbi and Berdzor with 2,433 textbooks for free. >>>>

September 2017

  • "We Are 10 Years Old", a photo exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of foundation of >>>>
  • Financial support to A. Spendiaryan Special Music School. >>>>

August 2017

  • "Summer Camp" - the eighth season of the programme involved 67 participants from Armenia and Artsakh. >>>>

July 2017

  • Support to Yerevan Tekeyan School #92.
  • Photo exhibition "From the Photographer's Diary".

June 2017

  • School project "Museums and Sightseeing Tours" for 75 schoolchildren from Armenia and Artsakh. >>>>

April 2017

  • Financial support to "Mirak" Youth Organisation.
  • "The Seventh Tekeyan Olympiad", an interscholastic competition in three disciplines for schoolchildren from Armenia and Syria. >>>>
  • Exhibition "Freedom Has No Alternative - Independence" at Yerevan History Museum. >>>>

January 2017

  • "The Mysteries of Undersea World", a photo exhibition authored by an Armenian surgeon, diver and photographer Sergey Gasparyan. >>>>