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1st Phase of Fundraising

London Tekeyan Trust initiated the Tekeyan Centre project in Armenia in the 1990s. The Chairman of the Trust, the late Mr G. Krikorian pledged substantial donations and together with the rest of the Trustees endorsed the project that involved the purchase, reconstruction and expansion of the construction known at that time as the "Krunk" restaurant. The realization of the project required some USD 1,150,000.

So, London Tekeyan Trust embarked on a fundraising campaign to meet the required budget.

Through Mr Haigashen Ouzounian's (a founder member of the TCA) efforts, Mrs A.Tovmassian, the widow of Prof. P.Tovmassian, a founding member of the TCA, donated substantial funds towards the cost of the project. Similarly the Central Board of the Tekeyan Cultural Association of USA/Canada donated another important sum to achieve the funding requirements.

By the end of 1996 the first phase of fundraising had achieved a total figure of USD 590,992.82.

List of Benefactors

Mrs A.Tovmassian USD 264,952.00
Tekeyan Trust / London USD 201,493.95
(including USD 80,000, a major contribution from Mr & Mrs G. Krikorian)
TCA USA/Canada Central Board USD 100,000.00
Mr & Mrs V.Ouzounian USD 17,000.00
Other donations USD 7,546.87

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